Exploration of the Political Realm


Our protagonist, far from being gullible, embarks on a quest to fathom the concealed motives behind Captain Penguin’s decision to place him at the helm of their nation.

During a diplomatic expedition, accompanied by a female penguin taking on the role of First Lady, he encounters numerous insights. Foremost among them, he discovers that he governs a district that represents just a fraction of a vastly larger planet, exclusively inhabited by penguins. Despite his lack of speech and hearing, our hero possesses a keen power of observation. It compels him to refuse to stand alongside the Great Penguin, the leader of a formidable State that has initiated a war against their neighbouring country.

This act of defiance serves as a pivotal moment for the Politician.

The style of the engravings grows increasingly sophisticated. The dimensions expand, with all boards now measuring 40 x 50 cm and comprising two superimposed frames, each presenting two distinct scenes, evoking the aesthetics of traditional Italian Fumetti.