The Politician

“The Politician” is a creation that took a decade to evolve.

“Caesar” is a character born through the art of engraving. Day by day, these drawings of him multiplied, eventually forming a distinct and easily recognizable graphic signature.

Informed by a deep observation of reality and current events, his story grew into a biting graphic novel, reflecting the artist’s disillusioned perspective on politics. In fact, “The Politician” provides a glimpse into the failure of mass media to effectively convey facts, a failure exacerbated by the multitude of voices and vested interests at play.

The reader confronts a narrative that compels them to navigate a mental landscape mirroring the challenges of discerning truth from falsehood in an age saturated with information and fake news.

Created entirely through xylography, “The Politician” stands as a testament to handcrafted artistry, with an absolute commitment to composition and graphic value – free of AI and palm oil. “The Politician” engravings are distinguished by their pure and high-contrast black and white lines. Their ethos critically revitalizes the caustic tradition of engraved images, inspired by woodcut novelists of the early 19th century, like Frans Masereel and Otto Nuckel.

This traditional aesthetic serves to deliver a contemporary message, reflecting the prevalent sense of political disenchantment in the age of information warfare.

Frédéric GLON


Manufacturing "The Politician"
Characters and backgrounds


Preliminary sketches serve as a foundation for shaping characters, capturing their gestures, and setting the stage in which they come to life.

An Endless Well of Inspiration

History: A Prismatic Lens

History serves as a prism through which the artist interprets the world, providing a framework to understand the contemporary era.

The Politician is adorned with engravings that allude to significant historical events and iconic images etched into collective memory.

These references openly reveal the work’s political commitment and its biting, satirical spirit, which, in turn, reconnects with the rich heritage of satirical engraving.

Crafting Reliefs from Blocks


Drawings on tracing paper are meticulously transposed onto the wooden block and skilfully etched using burins. Mechanical methods are employed to selectively remove areas the artist doesn’t intend to include in the print.

Xylography, also referred to as “Relief Printing,” traces its origins to the very roots of human cultural history. Evolving through time, it has established its status as a prominent technique in the world of graphic arts.

Test prints


Following the inking of the linoleum board, a preliminary test print is executed.

Crafted on 46gsm wood paper, this trial run serves as a visual tool for assessing the interplay of black and white elements. The artist introduces any necessary refinements, which become evident through the strategic application of whitewash strokes, prior to advancing to the ultimate proof.


Printing numbered proofs
Original xilographies


The artist personally prints every completed board using his own press.

Crafted solely in limited editions, each engraving receives the artist’s distinctive hand signature, transforming it into a unique testament within The Politician collection.




For centuries, the distinguished VELIN BFK Rives paper has been the substrate of choice for a wide array of printmaking techniques, including lithography, intaglio etching, aqua fortis etching, and collotypes, all embraced by celebrated artists worldwide.


Every print is personally signed by the artist within a limited edition, thus attesting to its entirely handcrafted creation.

The Politician Storytelling

And after the engravings?


A project in the works involves the creation of a limited edition artist’s book, incorporating original artworks and text unique and specially dedicated prints.

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